Advocacy & Workshops

Through a combined approach of Participatory Action Research principles and creative arts methodology, young people in RefugeeYouth work together to research the issues that affect their lives.

This generates powerful knowledge from young people’s own perspective,  which we use to engage in meaningful, action focused dialogue with service providers and policy makers whose work impacts on the lives of young refugees.

We can offer tailor made creative, engaging youthled workshop at conferences, events and training days for a whole range of different audiences. If you would like us to run a workshop or contribute to an event please contact

Most recently we have designed and faciltiated workshops for the following audiences/events:

  • The British Youth Council
  • Edinburgh University
  • Just Fair/The Law Society: ‘Fairness, Justice and Human Rights: Realising Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the UK’.
  • ILPA (the Immigration Law Practitioners Association)
  • Global Youth Work students at Greenwich University
  • Postgraduate Community and Youth Work students at Goldsmiths University
  • International Alert: ‘Working with conflict at home and abroad’
  • British Youth Council
  • ‘UnDoc Camp’
  • Lancaster University
  • Refugee Council SMILE Conference
  • Durham University

This is what participants in our workshops had to say:

“Engaging, no power points, a refreshing way to look comprehensively at all angles of the organisation!”

“It was so impressive, really professional and fun, I felt really ‘safe’ and encouraged, not pressured, to join in. It was a great workshop, absolutely superb. The skills and confidence of the leaders were excellent.”

“Apart from the workshop being tailored to issues of interest to the attendees, the RY group was very understanding of people’s self consciousness and dealt with that very well. it was also great fun as well as being informative.”  

“They drew everyone in, challenged them but in a way that made them open up, not close down and become defensive. Very skilful facilitators.”

This year we were commissioned by the British Youth Council to work with their Young Ambassadors to develop a tool kit to run workshops with young people to raise awareness about the issues affecting young refugees. This was a new challenge for us through which we learnt a lot. The resource pack, and supporting information can be downloaded here:

Labels, Limbo and Lies Workshop Tool Kit

Newpaper Headlines for Labels, Limbo and Lies Tool Kit