Sharing and self-empowerment

Self-empowerment is at the heart of RefugeeYouth. Young people inspire and support each other to lead their own projects, youth groups and activities, to improve their own lives and those of their peers.

Decision making is open and shared. Our young refugees run RefugeeYouth with the support of our group of trustees and small team of paid workers and volunteers.

We also work with practitioners and reflect back to them how the services they provide are experienced. We are regularly invited to run workshops and presentations at conferences in universities. Our methods include theatre, role play, games, debate, discussion and films.

If you are an artist interested in working with us or have a project idea, we suggest that you read this handy guide from an organisation in Australia!

Participatory discussions around issues that are important to us

Over the years, we’ve worked with local and national policy makers, lawyers, community and youth workers, social workers, teachers and lecturers, key workers, housing workers, UKBA officials, and many other practitioners and decision makers, whose work impacts on the lives of young refugees.

We believe that, by working and learning together with the people who impact on the lives of young refugees in the UK, we can help drive change so future young refugees don’t have to suffer some of the things we’ve suffered.

A circle of friendship with people from all over the world