Making life better for young refugees

RefugeeYouth is a small national charity dedicated to overcoming isolation, alienation and despair among young refugees by supporting opportunities for their development, inclusion and integration.

Over the past 14 years, we have grown into a vibrant, creative hub of young people aged 16-30. Our members now live in the UK but originated from four continents and more than 40 countries.

We inspire and motivate each other. Have new experiences together. Develop networks of helpful agencies and professionals. And learn practical skills to become active as leaders within our communities.

Through creative activities such as drama workshops young refugees can explore issues that affect them and help to find solutions to their own problems

Some of us came here alone, some with our families, some of us were born here to refugee parents.

Some of us have refugee status, many of us are still waiting for a decision, some of us have been refused refugee status but are stuck, unable to return home.

We also welcome young people who aren’t refugees, but want to stand under the RefugeeYouth banner because we’ve learned life is richer when we work together.

Young people need to belong. RefugeeYouth is a place where isolated young refugees can make friends and get to know others who know what it’s like living in exile