Project Description

Refuge In Films

The young people in RefugeeYouth run an annual film festival, hosted by the British Film Institute. The BFI’s support gives young refugees the opportunity to showcase the truths about our lives, and the issues that affect us, at a prestigious and prominent cultural venue.

Refuge In Films is a space where young people can address issues of representation of refugees and migrants in media in their own voices. Our festival aims to counterbalance the mainstream media, which is negative, problem focused, disempowering and takes away our human dignity.

The festival is not just about the passive experience of watching a film. Through creative workshops, discussion and meaningful dialogue, we engage with people on a human level, breaking down barriers and prejudice between people from different communities, backgrounds and generations.

More than 50 young people work together each year to run the festival, which attracts annual audiences of up to 800 people.

The most recent festival was on the theme of ‘We Are…’, a special one day long festival full of stimulating short films and interactive workshops made by young people from all over the world. This brought together our whole RefugeeYouth community, from London and northern England, to create a supportive network for understanding the current refugee crisis and a platform to get our voices heard.

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