Project Description

Women’s Circle

Our Women’s Circle is a group of vibrant, young, radical women who originate from all over the world. It is a safe space for sharing issues and challenges we face, in our cultures and society at large.

At our sessions, we explore issues close to our hearts, such as femininity, gender issues, roles of men and women, media portrayal of women, the feminist movement, beauty, sexualisation of women, and equality.

We learn to value who we are, through increasing our self esteem and appreciating that we can be ourselves rather than media stereotypes of women.

Through activities such as drama, dance, sports, fitness and healthy eating, young women can participate in a friendly and non-judgmental way, and also gain new skills and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For example, we have explored genres of dance from different cultures, and learned many exercise techniques that can be used outside the sessions.

We have also taken part in events, such as National Women’s Day, to support other women and raise awareness of the issues that affect us.

“In other youth groups I couldn’t be myself, but this project has helped me to be comfortable with who I am.” Sabrin, young female refugee


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