Together we’re stronger

RefugeeYouth is a youth led organisation where young people work together to solve their problems and take action to bring about positive change.

By building relationships with young refugees from other cultures and backgrounds, we gain a greater understanding of the world we live in.

We use the creative arts and participatory action research to connect with young people and help them explore the issues affecting them.

Breaking fast during Ramadan with young people from many different backgrounds. Sharing food from our cultures is an important part of building friendships and a sense of belonging

Our workshops and events include a range of activities, from poetry and painting to drama and film making. As well as gaining new creative skills, young refugees also develop vital life skills such as confidence, decision making, conflict resolution and leadership. This helps with their access to employment, education and training.

Unlike traditional research, participatory action research is conducted by and for the people it directly affects. It aims to produce change rather than reports. We use our knowledge from this research to work with service providers and policy makers whose work impacts on the lives of young refugees.

We also run residential activities for team building work and to explore issues in greater depth.

Creative tie-dye t-shirt making during a residential in partnership with Soundmix. Learning new skills and having fun!